Bilingual Creatures’ Face Parts (Free Printable for English and Spanish Vocabulary Language Game)

Cut out and mix these creatures’ face parts to practice Spanish and English vocabulary with kids (bilingual face-parts dice included).

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Cut and play mixing these creatures’ face parts to practice Spanish and English vocabulary with young children (bilingual face-parts dice included!).

The nice amigos from Learn Safari asked me to be a guest on their blog (gracias!), and this is the printable that goes along with the language game designed for their audience.

If you also would like me to design a game or something for your blog, just let me know 🙂 .

Activity for this printable:

(Video) Playing with faces

A quick stop-motion video showing examples of creatures that can be formed by mixing and twisting the face parts.

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The Author: Rodrigo Macias is a bilingual creative mixing his experience working in Childcare and Design to come up with imaginative & educational printables and activities for kids.

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