Bugs and Nature Simple Stamping Art Activity with Apples (printable included)

Use apples to make awesome stamp-art pictures of bugs and nature!

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Make awesome stamp-art pictures of bugs and nature using paint and apples with this fun Arts and Crafts game idea!

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(Video) Bugs and Nature Stamping Art Activity with Apples

Here’s a quick video of how to play this apple stamping game.


1. Download the PDF template from the link at the bottom of this page.

2. Cut a bunch of apples in half and add paint to them using a paintbrush (if you don’t mind using more paint, you can use paper plates as paint-trays).

3. Complete each picture stamping the half-apples with the color(s) of your choice.

(Optional) Use crayons to color in the rest of the picture.

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collage of simple-ladybugs-art-activities-for-prek-and-preschool

Simple Ladybugs Art Activities


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Printable Preview:

PDF with incomplete drawings of Ladybugs, Tree, Butterflies, Flower, Caterpillar (or Worm) and Campfire.

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Finished Examples:


Planning to do this activity?

If you do this with your kids, I’d LOVE to see pictures of your finished projects, feel free to DM me on Instagram.

Thank you!

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Rodrigo Macias (Roy) is a qualified Early Years Teacher working full time as a Forest Pre-School Educator in UK. More about Roy here.


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