DIY Nintendo Items Memory Game


A DIY memory game with print-ready illustrations of hand-drawn Nintendo items.




01. Print 2 copies of printable A on thick paper (or print on thin paper and mount it on something thicker like cereal box cardboard).

02. Print 2 copies of printable B on either: a) The blank side of the pages from step 1, or b) A separate sheet (sticker paper will save you time), cut them out and stick them on the back of printable B.

03. Cut out the 24 squares following the lines on your 2 copies of printable A.

04. Play memory ? (how?)


Idea twists

  • Add craftiness to this activity using the outlined version of the printable so the kids can color the items themselves.
  • If you want more items variety in your game, just print extra pages of the outlined version and make more items yourself by using different colors than the ones already made. Some ideas: Green super mushroom to make a 1 Up; Blue Fire Flower for an Ice Flower; Red instead of Green Shell; Pink Yoshi Egg for a Birdo Egg… or just use whatever colors you have and make up new items. Have fun ?.
  • Extend the life of your memory squares by laminating them or covering them with thick clear tape.

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Rodrigo Macias (author) is a bilingual creative mixing his experience working in Childcare and Design around planet Earth to come up with high-quality printables and playful-educational activities for kids. Check those out at the Box of Ideas.

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