Doors and Windows Coloring Printable For DIY Recycled Town, Cardboard City or Paper Dollhouse


Save time making DIY toy houses and buildings with recycled materials by printing these lovely doors and windows.

That way you can use the extra time to make entire towns, cities or even a huge dollhouse mansion (or would that be called a “dollmansion”?).

* Rainbow Town was inspired by the book “My Colour is Rainbow” by Agnes Hsu, a short children’s book about acceptance (much needed nowadays!) *

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How to Make a Rainbow Town with Recycling Materials


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About the printable

It is a PDF with 3 pages:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Signs

The Doors and Windows come in a sort-of medieval looking style and a few of them can “open and close” for extra fun.

The Signs page comes with a big “Welcome to Rainbow Town” entrance sign because this printable came to life for a guest post I had the chance to make with the amazing Hello Wonderful (you can see the full tutorial here).

There are also a bunch of blank signs so the kids can draw whatever symbols or words they need for their buildings.

In the Rainbow Town, we included symbols for a Pastry shop, a Flower shop, a Hat shop and a School (which I clearly chose badly because my wife thought the building with the apple symbol was a fruit shop, lol).

Welcome to Rainbow town sign for a recycled town project. A fun DIY kids craft toy made out of recycling #rainbows #kidscraft #papertown

How to use it:

Super easy!

  • Paint or wrap in recycling paper any cardboard box or whatever empty package you have without bugs in it.
  • Choose which of the windows and doors would fit better for your building.
  • Color them in, cut them out and paste them in place.
  • Voilá! You have a building!

If you’d like to see a complete step-by-step tutorial on how the toilet-roll houses and juice-box buildings of Rainbow Town were made, hop over to the guest post at Hello Wonderful.

Colourful Hotel for a recycled town project. A fun DIY kids craft toy made out of recycling #cardboardcraft

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Teamwork and Community Activity for Kids:

If you have a group of kids, have them all make one or two buildings of their choice and put together a town where all of them contribute to make it beautiful!

You can expect to have several of the same type of building, and that’s ok! (Police stations and Supermarkets will probably be easy to find in your town) you can always encourage the kids to make more buildings if you want the town to have a more diverse range of public spaces 🙂

Printable Preview:

Examples of finished buildings and houses:

Note: This idea was created in collaboration with Hello Wonderful (I love their Facebook Page and you might too!). You can see Box of Ideas’ guest post over there.

Planning to do this activity?

If you do this with your kids, I’d LOVE to see pictures of your finished projects posted on the Facebook wall of Box of Ideas.



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The Author: Rodrigo Macias is a bilingual creative mixing his experience working in Childcare and Design to come up with imaginative & educational printables and activities for kids.