Easy Miniature Campfire Craft for Kids Using Rocks and Sticks

Kids love making this mini-campfire!

Especially since they get to go outside to gather the materials to make it.

When I worked in the Arts and Crafts cabin of my favorite summer camp, we would do this craft with the youngest kids and it was always a successful activity since the kids had fun without being rushed and they could finish it in less than 50 mins.


(Video) Making a Mini Campfire

Here’s a quick Instagram video of how to make the cute campfire:

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How to Make the Mini-Campfire:

1. Cut out a cardboard circle (the size is up to you!)

2. Gather rocks and a couple of thin sticks (enough rocks to cover around the cardboard circle)

3. Glue the rocks around the circle, break the sticks into shorter pieces and place them in the rock circle’s center.

4. Cut squares of the color that you wish for your “flames” (I’ve seen rainbow campfires looking pretty good!)

5. Put them together and twist them to make a flame shape (like a crushed flower), or really, just rip them in random sizes and place them on top of the sticks (real flames don’t really have a shape so every kid can do it as ability hey can and it still looks good).

Voilá! you have a mini campfire!


Easy Kids campfire craft by Box of Ideas

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Planning to do this activity?

If you do this with your kids, I’d LOVE to see pictures of your finished campfires posted on the Facebook wall of Box of Ideas.


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The Author: Rodrigo Macias is a bilingual creative mixing his experience working in Childcare and Design to come up with imaginative & educational printables and activities for kids.