Incomplete Animals – Coloring Pages for Arts and Crafts Game

A fun Arts and Crafts game idea where kids exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills by coming up with different ways to finish the incomplete bodies of different animals.

Complete The Animals Game - Fun idea for an Arts and Crafts game where kids exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills by coming up with different ways to complete the bodies of different animals. Free PDF has the base drawings for printable for the following animals: Lion, Bird, Cat, Turtle, Snake, Fish, Butterfly and Sheep.


(Video) Crafting Animals at High Speed

Here’s a video of my super-speedy hands making the examples for this game:


1. Download the Free Printable from the link at the bottom of this page (it comes in English and Spanish)

2. Complete each animal in a crafty way by playing with your creativity and any random materials that you find around.

Unleash your creativity!

Experiment with odd materials that don’t look like art supplies at all. That brings a richer experience for the player because it gives more satisfaction to them knowing they “discovered” a new way of using something. Who doesn’t love that feeling?

Printable Preview:

Incomplete illustrations of these animals: Lion, Bird, Cat, Turtle, Snake, Fish, Butterfly and Sheep. Available in English and Spanish 🙂

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Idea twists:

Recycling Mode: Play an eco-friendly version of this game by using mostly materials that would otherwise be thrown away (clean trash).

Animal Breeds: Print many copies of the same animal and craft them in different breeds.

Teaching Art Styles: Ask the kids to complete each animal using techniques related to different art movements like Impressionism, Minimalism, and my absolute favorite, Surrealism.



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Finished Examples:

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Note: This idea was created in collaboration with The Best Ideas For Kids blog (I love their Facebook Page and you might too!). You can see my post as a guest over there.

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The Author: Rodrigo Macias is a bilingual creative mixing his experience working in Childcare and Design to come up with imaginative & educational printables and activities for kids.