Kids DIY Christmas Card Idea: Coloring, Cut and Paste (Free Multilingual Printable)

A simple and creative idea for a DIY Christmas card made by your kids. Grandparents will flip out if they get this.

Video Tutorial:

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1. Download the PDF by clicking the Download link at the bottom of this page. Then print it 🙂

2. Select the elements that you want to include in your card’s design. For the “Merry Xmas” banners, since they come in these 69 different languages, please print only the page with the language(s) that you need or the ghost of a Xmas tree will hunt you down from tonight until new year’s eve.

* DISCLAIMER * The greetings listed in the multilingual Christmas banners correspond to translations made by regular parents (not all professional lingüists) who presumibly speak / know the language, nevertheless we can’t garantee that the spelling of each word or translation is official and legit.


Making a DIY Christmas card for kids using a templateLayed out pieces of a coloring template for a DIY Christmas card

3. Color your selections with markers, color pencils, watercolours, or whatever you like.

* Optional: Color the background of your Christmas scene on the piece of paper where you want to paste your design.

4. Cut out your illustrations and paste them on a piece of cardstock (or any paper, really). An adult’s help might be useful for this step.

5. Your personalized design is done! Now write something nice for the person that will receive the card.


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Idea twists:

You can also draw more elements on your card to make it even more personalized! Purple flames in the fireplace? It’s Christmas, anything goes! 😀

Finished cards samples:

Finished examples of a DIY Christmas card project for kids

Here’s another Christmas ideas for Preschoolers:

#Christmas DIY Elf on the Shelf toilet tube #craft for teachers of #preschool kids

DIY Christmas Elf on the shelf for Preschool kids.

Planning to do this activity?

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The Author: Rodrigo Macias is a bilingual creative mixing his experience working in Childcare and Design to come up with imaginative & educational printables and activities for kids.